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Delta County Genealogical Society, organized in 1981, is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and assist in genealogical research. Our materials of over 1000 items are housed in the Escanaba Public Library, 400 Ludington Street, Escanaba, MI. These collections are owned and maintained by the society.

For Your Information

Re: October Meeting and December Meeting

Yes, it was “”a live””ly October meeting, sorry if you missed it!

The E-Book Proposal was tacitly approved by all present and the guest speaker Fr. Pepin was assigned a chapter “How to obtain records from Catholic Parishes”

We now have a project ---to Write an E-book---we are all authors!

Another chapter suggestion came from a side conversations

“How to name, file, organize AND retrieve your research data/Photos, etc.

The purpose being to find/retrieve data and documentation and share this data with others (your descendants and other relatives)

Tell us your method of filing or organization--this is most helpful!

( A big shoe box is not the right answer!)
The next meeting:

Will be at the Family History Center on the FIRST Wednesday of December--December 2, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. (1315 9th Ave S., Escanaba, MI)

DCMIGS is alive!

But, we need some workers: A ”News Letter Editor” and a “Correspondence Secretary” (refer to Bylaws for duties).

Another subject-- The E-Book Project has been approved

Memo to:

DCMIGS Members and Others (potential participants/authors)are invited to participate

Please review the attached E-Book Outline and THEN respond to Richard with copy to Don.Also, if you have had a successful, frustrating or serendipity genealogy story of your research effort, please submit it to Richardi and a copy to Don.

Also, if you have any other suggestions or comments (+or -) advise/email Richard and a copy to Don
As another approach Name a Chapter, add your information to the chapter and send it to RICHARD and a copy to Don.

Thank you. DCMIGS

P.S. Richard’s email rgrpaperboy@earthlink.net: Don's email --dheppner@ uplogon.com

The following is an excerpt from DCMIGS bylaws
Article I: Name
Delta County Genealogical Society
Article II: Objectives
1. To assist in geneealogical research.
The Project---- an E-book of stories about research successes and ugh failures, helpful web sites, programs to store data, records and photos that members have found useful.

E-book Start

To be determined by membership

Chapters I to XIX to be determined by the membership

Chapter XX-Programs used by DCMIGS members to organize and print Data & Reports

1. Ancestral Quest runs on both the Windows operating system and on Mac OS X. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and with Mac OS X 10.7 or later (WWW.ancestralquest.com)--(this is the program that Don uses)

2. To be determined by the memberuship…

Chapter XXI to XXIX to be determined by the membership

Chapter XXX How Long does Genealogical Research Take

Personal Genealogicaul Search by Dave Westerberg

Cousins by the Dozens
Open Quote
When I started my genealogy hobby, over 30 years ago, I intended to keep track of my first cousins! I had just purchased my first PC, a brand new 286! From the first entries into a genealogy share-ware program obtained from Bay de Noc Community College I knew that this would take a little longer than I originally thought!
After I entered all my aunts and uncles, grandparents, and all my cousins, I looked at the information that still needed to be entered, which was a real eye opener. I started visiting my relatives that live nearby, asking the questions that needed answers to fill the voids in my new dat abase. I imagine that most all genealogists feel that they should have questioned their grandiparents in more detail when they were with us.

I was lucky that I was the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family. I knew my grandfathers and one grandmother very well. My Dad’s father was my mentor for outdoor activities! he took me to our hunting camp, taught me the skills of fishiing and hunting from an early age. He often talked about his childhood in Borgvik, Sweden, hunting with his father, and the different types of game and fish they caught.

Things change as time moves on, I completed what I started out to do and got busy with other things in life. My oldest son asked for my information on the family several years later. I sent him a floppy with all that I had compiled. He couldn’t use the information! The share-ware program did not exist anymore and he could not import the data or view it from the disk. My son did some research and located the company that had developed the share-ware program. He sent them my data and they converted it to be compatible with their new program, Legacy Family Tree, which I have used since. That was many PC computers ago and before the internet was so easy to use.

As I got more interested in genealogy several things happened, old relatives passed away, contact was made with relatives in Sweden and Canada, the internet had more and more data to search, and my wife and I were empty nesters finally! I still was not interested in joining any genealogy organization, but I had been aware th at Pat Sundstrom, a fellow classmate and friend, was working on such an organization.

When I restarted my research, I learned that there were lots I didn’t know about how to do the research. Organization and reucordkeeping, citations needed for each individual, and now help from genealogist everywhere around the world via the internet. I joined “DIS” genealogy society in Sweden, and searched their database and contacted contributors to their database. It seems everyone in Sweden is a genealogist! Their records go back to the Reformation, when the Lutheran Church started keeping records.

Two of my sisters and I visited Sweden and were the guests of our cousin Hans Mjöberg and his wife Sonja. Hans was a wonderful host and gave us a tour of where our grandparents were born and raised, grandfather in Borgvik, Varmland, which is close to Karlstad, and grandmother in the small village of Kalv, Västergötland. We researched the church records for our family, took pictures of these records, and met almost all of our great grandfathers descendants (my father’s 1st cousins). It was a great trip, and for us Yoopers, it felt like home! The topography of that part of Sweden is almost exactly like here in the Upper Peninsula, very wooded with lots of lakes, hills and small towns.

Now, after doing this hobby for many years, all my cousins, that I originally wanted to keep track of, send me family information about what’s happening in their individual families! I’ve researched my wife’s side of the family and with the help of a couple of her cousins, who are genealogists, we have filled in many of the blank spaces.

My genealogy program has a feature that allows me to search many databases over the internet. FamilySearch.org, FindaGrave.com, GenealogyBank.com and many others, without leaving the program! The public library in Escanaba has many family histories, including my mother’s side of the family, which I have found mistakes because of the necessity of citations was ignored by that researcher!

For many years, my wife and I wintered in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. The internet was available in the apartments we rented and with life a lot slower down there, I was able to continue researching and making contacts with contributors to databases. One contact I made was a cousin in New Zealand who had emigrated from Canada. The same week I made contact with him, my sister informed me that her husband was going to New Zealand for a conference and she was accompanying him, a cousin in Denver emailed me that she had won a trip to New Zealand over the radio! I informed my sister and cousin of our relative in that country and my cousin did set up a meeting and had lunch with him.

Strange coincidences happen when doing this research! My brother told me to quit finding all these distant cousins, he has to work with many of them! “
Close Quote

Editor note: Genealogical research is personal and fun!

Chapters XXXI to XXXIV to be determined by the membership

Chapter XXXV Web sites DCMIGS members have found useful
Ebook End ---THIS IS THE BEGINNING___________________________________________

Email: rgrpaperboy@earthlink.net Attn: Richard for help. he will check Delta County, Census, Birth, marriage, death, probate records, cemetery, obits from local papers (must provide month/year date) Will take photos of headstones of local stones. "Please send your mailing address with your e-mail request"


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