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Article l: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Delta County Genealogical Society. Organized 1981.

Article ll: Objectives

1. To assist in genealogical research

2. To collect and aid in the preservation of Delta County records of genealogical value.

3. To maintain a genealogical library. Books and records are to be regarded as reference material under the supervision of the society librarian and will be available to the public during all library hours. Records are presently housed at the Escanaba Public Library

Article lll: Memberships/Meetings

1. Membership dues are $10.00 a year for an individual and/or family.

2. Membership includes a quarterly newsletter with free queries, and biannual membership surname listings.

3. Membership is available to anyone interested in genealogy and who is willing to share research with other members and upon payment of society dues./p>

4. An annual meeting will be held on the second wednesday of September and other meetings as called by the president.

Article lV: Elected officers/Duties

1. President shall chair all meetings and call special meetings when necessary.

2. Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the president.

3. Recording Secretary shall record all proceedings of regular and special meetings.

4. Corresponding Secretary will answer all mail and manage all miscellaneous correspondence. Maintain a membership list.

5. Treasurer shall receive all moneys and shall account for same, deposit all moneys, disburse all moneys upon receipt of invoices and report to the society all transactions. Treasurers books shall be audited yearly.

Article V: Committees

1. Newsletter. Edit, print and mail quarterly newsletter.

2. Library. Maintain genealogy library holdings. Librarian will be responsible for collection and the ordering of new books.

3. New committees will be formed as it becomes necessary.

Article Vl: Elections

Elections of officers will be held in October every other year.

Article Vll: Amendments

Bylaws may be amended by 2/3 vote anytime it is deemed necessary.

Article Vlll: Dissolution clause

This clause is to provide for distribution of assets upon dissolution.
Upon dissolution of the Delta County Genealogical Society, all of its assets which include both library holdings and cash fund balance, shall become the property of the Escanaba Public Library to do with as the may deem appropriate.


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