Delta County Probate Index 1873-1975

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PLEASE NOTE: As of a few years ago, older Delta Co. probate records are no longer available at the Court-house. Therefore we can no longer find that will, or guardianship papers, or whatever you may be searching for at the court-house for you. Instead, you will need to visit:
and complete a request form for the file you want. There is a fee of $10 to have a request fulfilled and it will take about 2 weeks to receive your file. Feel free to continue using our index to locate a file you may want to see, but be sure to go to the above address to make that request.

This extraction of the Delta County Probate Index 1873 to 1975 was taken from the Family History Library film. The Delta Co. Probate Index 1873 - 1975, along with the actual files from 1873 to 1900 are on film at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and available through local Family History Centers. 

All deceased individuals from 1873 to 1975 were extracted and listed within this index, along with other records prior to 1911. Records, other than deceased are not included in this listing to protect the privacy of living persons.

Probate records are created from the disposition on an estate after its owner's death. Deceased individuals can have more that one probate file, and the year of the probate does not necessarily mean year of death. Estates can take years to be probated. Minor files can be created when a parent of a minor child dies, or the court intervenes in childcare. Adoption files are listed under both parties and are the same file number. These are closed files. Name changes are listed under both names, are the same file number, and are always listed in probate. These are opened records.

The columns contain the NAME - YEAR - CAUSE - FILE NUMBER.

Some records may be missing or entered incorrectly because of human error.

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