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1893-1895 City Directory-ESCANABA CITY (D)

Surnames: A-B | C | D | E | F

Dady C J, fireman C & N W Ry, res 427 Maple
Dady Frank E, fireman C &C N W Ry, bds 306 Hale
Dahlbec F. lab Bittner, Wickert & Co
Dahlberg Andrew, lab, bds 413 S Fannie
Dahlgren F V, lab res 514 S Charlotte
Daley Bridget, res 316 S Campbell
Daley Mrs Bertha, cook 319 Ludington, res same
Daley Mrs Sarah, wid of Thomas, res 613 Ludington
Daley Patrick, lab, res 519 Wells av
Daley Thomas J, agt C & N W Ry depot, res 613 Ludington
Dalgaard Mary, res 706 Bay
Dalgaard S, dairyman, res 706 Bay
Daniels Adeline, res 500 Ludington
Daniels Martin, res 500 Ludington
Danielson August, lab J F Oliver
Danielson John, painter and cook, bds 923 Ludington
Danielson John, lab, bds 923 Ludington
Danielson Thomas, lab, bds 923 Ludington
Darnbush Louis, lab, bds Washington House
Dart August, lab,res 321 S Georgia
Dart Isaac, lab, bds Washington House
Dart John B, lab, res 321 S Georgia
Dart Joseph, lab, res 321 S Georgia
Dartt John, lab C & N W Ry, res 120 N Harrison av
Daulstrum Emil, lab, res 1304 Langley
Dault Louis, lab, bds 321 S Georgia
Dault M J B, lab, res 419 S Fannie
Daust Joseph, lab, bds 1323 Thomas
Daust Noe, saloon 1323 Thomas, res same
Davis Edson H, res 431 Stephenson av
Davis Hattie M, res 431 Stephenson av
Davis Myrtle R, res 431 Stephenson av
Davis Pauline, res Schlesinger av N E
Davis Wm H, bording house, res 431 Stephenson
Dean John, barber, bds 1 0 (?) S Elmore
Deaubord Alphone, lab, res 321 S Georgia
Debeck Mrs Mary, wid of Enoch, res 410 S Fannie
Debeck Nicholas, con C & N W Ry, res 410 S Fannie
Decker Matt, lab, res 602 Dickinson av
Defnet F J, drayman, res 213 Ludington
Degardins John, lab, bds 1117 Ludington
Degnan John, ore trimmer, res 803 Thomas
Degran Freda, domestic, 1011 Wells av
Degrandjagnage Alphons, farmer, res 2001 Tweedy
Degrandjagnage Frank, lab, res 2006 Second
Degrandjagnage Martin, lab, res 2006 Second
Degrandjagnage Victor, farmer, res 2006 Second
Dehrn Herman, butcher T Shaughnessy, bds 923 Ludington
Dejarlais Josheph E, deliver Q R Hessel, bds same
Dieter Christina E, domestic 1205 Fifth
DeLaire Henry, boarding house and saloon 804 Ludington, res same
Dehsle Derire, blacksmith 107 N Fannie, res 528 S Mary
Delisle E, shoemaker I Delisle, bds 1909 Third
Delisle I, shoemaker, res 815 Hale
Delorier Joseph, (Delorier & LaDuc,) bds 517 Ogden av
Delorier & LeDuc, (Joseph Delorier and Octave Leduc) barber shop and bath rooms, 1002 Ludington
Delta County, Abstract Co. John P McColl pres, Wm I. Brown sec and treas. Abstracts of
Delta Co. office court house.
Delta County Hospital, in charge of the Sisters of St Francis 1018 S Fannie
Demars Napoleon, lab ore dock, res 310 Dickinson av
Demars Rebecca, domestic 530 S Cleveland av
Demarsh Lewis, lab,res 1413 Jacob
Demarsh V, lab C & N W Ry, res 521 S Fannie
Demerse Frank E, con C & N W Ry, res 327 S Mary
Denton George J, lab, res 409 S Mary
Denton Lucia, school teacher, res 409 S Mary
Denton Nellie, res 409 S Mary
Denton W A, carpenter, res 409 S Mary
Depue John, carpenter, res 501 Thomas
Derocher Ambrose, wks C & N W Ry, res 210 S Georgia
Derocher Joseph, lab, res 210 S Georgia
Derocher Julia, res 210 S Georgia
Derocher Peter, lab, res 210 S. Georgia
Derocher - also spelled Durocher
Derosie Joseph, lab, bds Windsor House
Derush Eugene, carpenter, bds 1518 Wells av
Derwin Timothy, lab, bds 1317 Ludington
Desilet Paul, clk The Fair, res 311 S George
Deslisle E, lab, res 1211 Third
Deslisle I Sr, shoemaker, res 1211 Third
Deslisle I Jr, lab, res 1211 Third
Desmond Batholomew, lab, bds 1300 Ludington
Desmond Jerry, ore trimmer, res 226 N Charlotte
Desrocher Joseph, wagon makr 218 Ludington, res 220 Ludington
Devon Thomas, lab, bds 1311 Ludington
Dhem Amelia, res 223 Maple
Dhem Michael, wks I Stephenson Co, res 223 Maple
Dickson T G, (Walker & Dickson,) bds The Oliver
Dickson - also spelled Dixon
Dieshnow Lizzie, res 1411 Thomas
Dietrech Ella, dressmaker Ella McAnlis, res same
Dillon Mrs Anna, wid of John, res 214 N Mary
Dillon Wm, trainman C & N W Ry
Dineen Mrs Edwin, bds Louis Schram
Dinneen Kate A, teacher Central school, res 301 N. Mary
Dinneen John, (Dinneen & Manley), res 301 N Mary
Dinneen Lizabeth I, res 301 N Mary
Dinneen & Manley, (John Dinneen and Wm Manley) Hardware, stoves, tinware and jobbing in
tin and sheet iron, 520 Ludington
Dinneen & Manley, (John Dinneen and Wm Manley) hardware, 520 Ludington
Dinneen Mary C, stenographer F J Merriam & Co, res 301 N Mary
Dinneen Wm M, fireman C & N W Ry, res 301 N Mary
Dixon Patrick, brakeman, bds Sherman House
Dixon also spelled Dickson
Doherty James S, Dealer in staple and fancy groceries, canned goods, provisions, meats,
vegetables, etc, 426 S Fannie, res same
Doherty Mrs C, wid of Patrick, res 426 S Fannie
Doherty Sarah, ckl J S Doherty, res 426 S Fannie
Dolan John D, lab, bds 523 Hale
Dolan Mrs Anna, wid of John W, res 523 Hale
Dolan TM, lab, bds Washington House
Dolan Wm H, lab C & N W Ry, bds 523 Hale
Dolberg John, machinist C & N W Ry, res 1115 Thomas
Dole Belle A, milliner Ed Erickson, bds 319 S Tilden av
Dondelinger Leo, lab C & N W Ry, bds City Hotel
Donavan Daniel A, eng C & N W Ry, res 210 S Sarah
Donavan Jerry, eng C & N W Ry, res 601 S Jennie
Donovan Ed, Manager Escanaba Coal Co. Dealer in flour, feed, grain, hay, field seeds and
ground feed. 600 Ludington, res 1008 Wells av. See advt.
Donovan James P, lab, bds 510 Hale
Donovan John, lab, bds, Washington House
Donavan Michael, ckl Ed Donovan, res 1008 Wells av
Dontiney Henry, eng C & N W Ry, res 325 S Campbell
Dontiney John, lab C & N W Ry, res 612 Ayer
Dontiney Luke, res 329 S Campbell
Doton Frank L. store keeper C & N W Ry, res 227 Ogden av
Doton Mrs Susan, wid of J L res 227 Ogden av
Doton Nina B, res 227 Ogden av
Dotson Thomas, lab, bds Washington House
Douge Charley, wks Herman Bershe, res 415 Wells av
Doyan Joseph, lab, res 321 S Georgia
Doyle Mayen, res 1412 Hale
Doyle Patrick, lab, bds Washington House
Doyle Stephen, lab C & N W Ry, res 415 S Cleveland av
Doyle Wm, machinist C & N W, res 1412 Hale
Drake Wilson J eng C & N W Ry, res 607 S Fannie
Drush James, Dealer in brick, lime, cement, plaster, hair, fire brick and fire clay. Goods
delivered to any part of the city. 110 N Dousman, bds City Hotel
Duberg Charles, lab, bds 923 Ludington
Duff Walter, blacksmith C & N W Ry, res 1216 Hale
Duffy Henry,lab, bds Washington House
Dufort Mrs John B, Propr of the Dufort House. Splendid accommodations by the day or week
at reasonable rates. A fine bar in connection. 1723 Sinclair cor Rose, res same
Dufort Theresa, res Dufort House
Dufour John S, wood yard, res 112 S Mary
Dufrans Frank, lab, res 1511 Ayer
Dufrena Ed, foreman in woods, res 202 N Cleveland av
Dugan John,lab, bds Gorman House
Dugener Nicholas, lab,res 308 May
Dumais Joseph, lab,bds 1117 Ludington
Dumas J B, lab C & N W, res 504 Elm
Dunkens Jack, lab, bds 923 Ludington
Dunlevey Mary, res 1203 Thomas
Dunn Francis J, the first settler of Escanaba, he built the first log cabin and is the father of the
first white child born in the city, Nelson Ludington presented the father with a building
lot in honor of the first born, res 505 Ludington
Dunn Henry J, supt coal dock,res 524 Ogden av
Dunn Michael, watchman I Stephenson Co, res Dickinson av
Dunean John, lab, res 1315 Hale
Duncan Mrs B, wid of John, res 1315 Hale
Duncan Oscar, clk Duncan & Campbell, res 305 S Fannie
Duncan Wm, (Duncan & Campbell) res 305 S Fannie
Duncan & Campbell, (Wm Duncan and John Campbell) dealers in staple and fancy family
groceries, provisions, canned goods etc, 309 S Fannie
Dunne Lizzie, res 314 S Wolcott
Dunne Maggie, school teacher, es 314 S Wolcott
Dunne Martin, blacksmith C & N W Ry, res 314 S Wolcott
Dunne Timothy, res 314 S Wolcott
Dunning John, woodsman, bds Sherman House
Dupey Agnes, res 330 S Elmore
Dupey Joseph, sexton, res 330 S Elmore
Dupont Adelord, clerk E M St Jacques, res 324 S Elmore
Dupont Ed, lab, res 308 N Cleveland
Dupont Philip, Sample room. Dealer in fine wines, liquors, cigars and fresh beer, 400 S Georgia
res 503 S Mary. See advt
Durancean Anna, res 517 Ogden a
Duranceau Dona J, clerk The Model, res 517 Ogden av
Duranceau Julia, saleslady Richard Hoyler, res 517 Ogden av
Duranceau Peter, propr Lafayette House; a splendid place to stop at. 418 Ludington,
res 517 Ogden av
Durocher Alfred, clerk Louis Schram, bds 311 Harrison av
Durocher Mrs Mary, wid of Wm, res 416 S Georgia
Durocher Wm D, salesman The Model, res 416 S Georgia
Durocher also spelled Derocher
Dusault John, restaurant 312 Ludington, res same
Dykeman Charles, lab, res 907 S Charlotte
Dykeman Mrs Anna, wid of Charles, res 907 S Charlotte

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