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1893-1895 City Directory-ESCANABA CITY (E)

Surnames: A-B | C | D | E | F

Early Edward, lab, bds 325 N Fannie
Early Francis, lab, res 327 N Fannie
Early Grace, res 327 N Fannie
Early Hugh Sr, res 327 N Fannie
Early Hugh Jr, lab, res 327 N Fannie
Early John, cook, res 327 N Fannie
Early John, ore trimmer, bds 325 N Fannie
Early Michael, lab on ore dock No 5, res 327 N Fannie
Eastwood Fred A, lumber inspector with O B Fuller, res 205 Ogeden av
Eastwood Florence, res 205 Ogden av
Eastwood George, res 205 Ogden av
Echtenach Peter, teamster H Gunter & Sons, bds same
Eckes Wm, mason, res 617 S Sarah
Eckstrom Rev John A, pastor Swedish Lutheran Church, res 210 S Mary
Eddy A W, res 1221 Third
Eddy Charles K (Eddy & Glynn,) res East Saginaw Mich
Eddy & Glynn, (Charles K Eddy, Walter S Eddy and Patrick Glynn) Pine land,
logs and lumber, 416 Ludington
Eddy Lizzie, milliner L G Hoskins, res 1221 Third
Eddy N A, milk man, res 1221 Third
Eddy Walter S, (Eddy & Glynn) res East Saginaw Mich
Edger Albert, lab C & N W Ry, res 115 N Tilden av
Edwards Helen, res 318 Wells av
Edwards Sylvester F, clk J F Oliver, res 318 Wells av
Edwards Wm, lab, bds Washington House
Edwin Julius, res 110 Maple
Egan Wm, eng C & N W Ry, bds 729 Tweedy
Ehnerd Charles H, chief of police, res 405 S Mary
Ehrenberg Julius, tailor Rathfon Bros, res 213 Maple
Eich Gertie, res 315 S Wolcott
Eich, Hilgan, lab C & N W Ry, res 315 S Wolcott
Eich John, lab, bds 315 S Wolcott
Eich Nicholas, bds 315 S Wolcott
Eifler Conrad, Manufacturer of fine cigars. The best five and ten cent cigars in
the city. 1021 Third, res same.
Ekberg Andrew, bridge boss C & N W Ry, res 1718 Wells av
Eklund Anton, lab ore dock, res 310 S Jennie
Elie Alfred, lab ore dock, res 409 Dickinson av
Elie Joseph, carpenter, bds 313 S George
Elie Joseph, lab, bds 1313 Ayer
Elie Mrs Martena, wid of L. res 1313 Ayer
Elie Philip, carpenter, res 1313 Ayer
Elliott Easton A, manager Western Union Telegraph Co. Post office block,
res 325 S Georgia
Elliot James H, clerk Frank H Atkins & Co. res 109 N Dousman
Elliott Mrs Margaret, wid of Robert D, res 521 Ogden av
Ellsworth Albert, Sr, foreman coal dock, res 618 S Georgia
Ellsworth Albert, Jr, Druggist. Dealer in pure drugs and medicines, toilet and
fancy articles, books, stationery, cigars, pipes and notions. 602 Ludington,
res 601 Ogden av. See advt.
Ellsworth George, res 618 S Georgia
Edward Con, bartender Fred Hodges, bds same
Embs Anton F, clk C J Embs, res same
Embs C J, a resident of Escanaba since 1872. Dealer in staple and fancy
family groceries, flour, feed and provisions of all kinds. 321 Ludington, res same.
Embs Fred, clk C J Embs, bds same
Embs Joseps J, U S mail carrier, res 321 Ludington
Embs Katie, res 321 Ludington
Emergency Hospital, Dr WW Walker Proprietor. All surgical diseases treated.
702 Wells av, cor Campbell. See advt.
Emerson Mrs C, widow George, bds 1118 Hale
Engberg Anton, lab C & N W Ry, res 413 S Fannie
Engdahl Fredrick, Painter, decorator and paper hanger, and dealer in wall
paper. All work first class, 815 Wells av, res same
English George, contractor and builder, res 113 N Dousman av
English Ivan G, res 113 N Dousman av
Englund Charles, bridge carpenter C & N W Ry, res 317 N Sarah
Engstrom Alma, res 1221 Thomas
Enshaw W, florest, res 603 Cleveland av
Ephraim Eva, res 635 Ogden av
Ephraim Leon, res 635 Ogden av
Ephraim Myers, (Ephraim & Morrell res 635 Ogden av
Ephraim & Morrell (Myers Ephraim and Robt E Morrell) Merchant tailor, and
gents furnishers. Dealers in clothing, hats, caps, trucks, valises, etc 420 Ludington
Erenson F W, tailor Peter Olson, res cor Mary and Second
Erickson Andrew, lab ore dock, bds 906 Ludington
Erickson August, (Erickson Bro & Blanchet) bds 223 Ludington
Erickson Bros & Blanchet, (August and Edward Erickson and Narcisse
Blanchet) Clothing and gents furnishing, boots, shoes, trunks, valises, hats and caps. 511 Ludington.
Erickson Axel, blacksmith C & N W Ry, res 1107 Wells av
Erickson Axel, printer The Medborgaren, res 1107 Wells av
Erickson Charles, lab ore dock, res Oliver av N E
Erickson Christina, domestic, 420 S Georgia
Erickson Ed, (Erickson Bros & Blanchet) Proprietor of the popular dry goods
and carpet House. Dealer in fine dry goods, carpets and fancy goods,
508 Ludington, Residence 421 Wells ave. See advt
Erickson Ella, domestic, 406 Ogden av
Erickson Gusta, domestic 501 Wells av
Erickson Hilma, wks 223 Ludington
Erickson , John lab, coal dock, res 308 N Fannie
Erickson Lars, lab C & N W Ry, res 1222 Thomas
Erickson Mary, domestic, 611 S Jennie
Erickson Ole, lab coal dock, bds 307 S Mary
Erickson Ole, (Erickson & Bissell) city mayor, res 508 Wells av
Erickson & Bissell, (Ole Erickson and Murray K Bissell) Staple and fancy
family Groceries, cedar posts and poles, railroad ties and lumber, 609 Ludington. See advt.
Ertenson Carl, lab C & N W Ry, res VanCleve av N E
Erwin Wm B, eng C & N W Ry, res 611 Ogden av
Escanaba Coal Co. Ed Donovan manager, dealer in all grades of coal,
office 600 Ludington
Escanaba Boat Livery, Wallace H VanDyke propr, cor Michigan av and Tilden av
Escanaba Bottling Works, Jacob Jepsen propr, manufacturer of the
celebrated Mountain Beer and all temperance drinks. 517 S Jennie. See avt
Escanaba Brewing Co, (Henry Rahr's Sons. Nicholas Walch and Peter
Walch), Manufacturers of lager beer, brewery 1318 Delta av
Escanaba Business College, James S Lee, proprietor, A C Sloan principal,
F T Randall supt of telegraphy, college 607 Ludington. See advt
Escanaba Electric Street Ry Co. James Lillie prest, J K Stack secy and treas,
J B Moran supt, office 309 Ludington
Escanaba & Gladstone Transporation Co. J K Stack prest, J B Moran
vice-prest and secy, John J Cleary treas, office 309 Ludington
Escanaba Ice Co, Baehrisch & Flath proprs, office 306 Wells av
Escanaba Iron Works, John P Symons, propr. Mining, mill and marine
repairing a specialty; all kind of machine work done; cor Dousman and
Escanaba Journal, VanValkenburg & Chambers publishers and proprietors,
A weekly newspaper issued Fridays; republican; job office in connection,
622 Ludington
Escanaba Lighting Co. H A Barr prest; Thomas Higgins vice prest; John A
Aspinall secy; John Corcoran treas. General manager John Semer; John
Roemer asst manager. Electric and gas light. 112 N Wolcott
Escanaba Lumber Co, James Lillie prest. James Bute vice prest; A H Butts
secy and treas. Wholesale and retail dealers in rough and dressed lumber,
sash, doors. blinds, brick, building materials of all kinds. 413 Stephenson av
Escanaba Mirror, Phil J McKenna proprietor and editor, a weekly newspaper
published every Saturday, democratic. Job office in connection. 111 S
Dousman av. See advt
Escanaba Water Works Co. P C McGowen supt, 122 S Tilden avenue
Espley Mamie, domestic, 309 Dickinson av
Estensen Carl, watchman Furniture Co, res North Escanaba
Ethier Amelia, res 331 S Mary
Ethier Alfred, saloon and boarding house 331 S Mary, res same
Eustus Patrick, lab, bds 803 Thomas
Everetts May, dressmaker Lottie Vose, res 708 Ludington
Everson Andrew, lab coal dock, res 321 N Sarah

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